About Wollemi

The Wollemi Pine is Australia's oldest living tree having survived the impacts of climate for 200-million years. It is also an Aboriginal word meaning "look around you, keep your eyes open and watch out". Corporations are being asked for this same vigilance to ensure a sustainable climate future.

The land and agriculture sector is critical to meeting global goals for net zero emissions by 2050. Agriculture contributes 2.4% of Australia’s GDP (4% globally) but produces over 17% of Australia’s emissions (18% globally). Companies need a trusted and consistent industry-wide approach to GHG Emissions reporting - Wollemi, with our independently validated methodology, provides this for land and agriculture.

About Wollemi

The origin of our name is from the Wollemi Pine, Australia's oldest living tree, which has survived the impacts of climate for 200-million years. The Wollemi team are experts across sustainability, finance and climate data science and are committed to empowering climate resilience for the benefit of the people, communities and economies.

Agriculture is critical to meeting the global goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Contributing 2.4% of Australia’s GDP (4% globally), agriculture produces over 17% of Australia’s emissions (18% globally). We believe that understanding the carbon footprint of agricultural lending activities is more than a disclosure exercise, it is instrumental to the global campaign to achieve net-zero emissions. Financial services companies, equipped with this invaluable data, can more accurately assess climate-related risks and engage with customers to influence mutually beneficial climate opportunities.

Providing specialist support to our business partners.

Our team of climate specialists, agricultural experts and data modellers is here to support your plans for climate related risks and opportunities.

Founding Team

John Mottram

Finance & Risk

Former Head of Food & Agriculture, Swiss Re, Former Head of Agricultural Commodities, ANZ Bank

Sam Sneddon

Sustainability & Strategy

Former Chair of IoTAA Data Workstream and Co-chair Sustainability Steering Committee

Distinguished Prof. Fang Chen

Data Science & AI

Distinguished Professor & Exec Director UTS Data Science Institute

Advisory Board

Emma Peacock

Former Head of Net Zero Economy for NSW/Former head Sustainability ANZ Unilever

Eric Wedepohl

MD Ascendent. Director and advisor across multiple boards